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Ever heard of "I Bet You Will"? It’s a net-tv show where people do stuff for money… weird freaky stuff… Here’s Morgan Spurlock, host and creator of the show, with his answers to our 10 questions…

1. Who thought of the initial idea for IBYW, and what inspired them?
I thought of the idea for "I Bet You Will" last fall when I began putting the plan together for The Interactive Consortium (; the soon to be premiere site on the web for interactive entertainment and quality net programming. I wanted a game show but didn’t know what to do. It seemed like it had all been done. Then one night before I went to sleep it hit me: why not let naked midgets throw money at people! (Then I realized I was asleep.) When I woke up later that night, I thought of "I Bet You Will."

2. The "Game" is set in New York, and apart from people sending in videos themselves, will there ever be an international version?
You’ve hit the proverbial nail on the head. Our goal is to take the show to television here in the states and then branch outward to other countries like the UK, Germany or Italy. We’ve already been approached by some int’l companies, so it could be sooner than you think!

3. In your opinion, what was the best "Bet" to be aired on IBYW?
My personal favorite was the girl who wore the Official IBYW thong and painted canvases using only her backside. (Although the guy who first French kissed our giant dead fish has a special place in my heart.)

4. What would be the stupidest thing that you’d do on IBYW as a contestant (And how much money would you want to do it?)
I’ve done some pretty stupid things in my for FREE! It probably wouldn’t take much to get me to do something really stupid. (Unless it was eating an entire 24 oz. jar of Mayo like one contestant did for $50 bucks. I’d need a lot of backs for that!)

5. In future, will there be any bets involving rollercoasters and vast amounts of cold ketchup?
You don’t mind if we use that, do you?

6. How on earth did that lady who wore a thong and got in a taxi get the thong on in the first place? Isn’t it a bit public to get changed in the street?
She went to a nearby restaurant and changed, but most contestants use the Official IBYW changing tent (which oddly enough resembles a duvet cover)

7. Since eavenue is a computer games site, might as well have a games question… What do you guys play in your spare time?
So many hard core gamers at TheCon, I’ll have to get back to you with everybody’s favorites, but I’m a fan of the Resident Evil series and like fighting and driving games.

8. Any complaints about the site’s principles yet?
Everybody has an opinion … some folks even like Celion Dion. (Do they? – Malcolm)

9. Why? (Not nessecerily about Question 8…)
The great thing about IBYW is that there really is little middle ground; the majority loves it, the minority hates it and nobody kind of enjoys it. Either way, we’re evoking emotion, and that’s what counts to me and to people to watch.

10. Any last words to the readers?
Keep watching … there’s even better stuff to come (like the two beautiful female Brits who put on the Official IBYW thongs, let us write phrases like "Follow me to free Money" in magic marker all over their bodies, took their tops off and walked around Central Park handing out IBYW business cards!) You’ll have to wait for that one!

I Bet You Will

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