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Stephanie Bergman, fondly known as Bobbi, famed for co-hosting Lilith and Eve on Pseudo, gives her responses to 10 Questions

1. What are you doing at the moment in this Post-Pseudo-era?
I am the Chat Producer for Yahoo!

2. Do you miss doing Lilith and Eve, and working at Pseudo?
Of course I do. I’m extremely proud of everything we did at Pseudo, and it was wonderful being able to produce a show every week specifically tailored to people like me. It was a show I would have wanted to watch, and it was a blast being able to do it.
It was also great working with Vangie and Laura, they’re both incredible women, and it was a pleasure doing the show with them every week.

3. What is your greatest memory of the Pseudo-era?
Wow. I have a lot of great memories of Pseudo, but I think the one I’ll truly never forget would be the last episode of Lilith & Eve. I’m not exactly one to go peacefully, and we were determined to do something memorable for the final episode. So we did…we took the conflict between Laura and Vangie that had been growing for months, and blew it up into a pretty amazing fight. Ultimately, it culimated in the show being canceled, Vangie being fired, and, well, I suppose the rest is history.

4. Why did you do the infamous "Naked Quake 3 Arena Box Contest Photo" with Vangie
It was actually Vangie’s idea, but I have to admit it didn’t take much convincing for me to go along with it. We were already planning on spending a day in a photo studio, getting pictures taken for Lilith & Eve PR-typey stuff, and figured, if we had any time left, it would be fun to enter the contest. We both know the guys from PlanetQuake pretty well, and were pretty sure that we would be the only women to enter the contest (and definately the only picture with two people in it, and two Quake boxes!). As it happened, I don’t think we were the only women to enter, but we did place in the contest, and it is something I don’t regret doing.

5. Will G4 make it as a channel to CNN and Cartoon Network sized proportions?
CNN? Cartoon Network? Shoot higher…NBC, baby!! Honestly, I have no idea. 🙂 I do hope so, MTV, Cartoon Network, etc. all got off to very slow starts, and just look at how big they are now. Gaming is a huge market, and one that’s continually growing as games become more accessible to more and more people. I’d love to see G4 become a huge channel, with off-shoots on network television. Gamers everywhere!

6. What is the most horrible sounding ingredient that you have read on the side of some food packaging? (e.g. Tamarind Extract)
Gum arabic. It’s in Altoids…all I can picture is a guy in a turban chewing

7. Why? (Not nessecerily about Question 6…)
Because I said so.

8. How come don’t you like Visual C#?
It’s a pain in the butt.
Truthfully, I don’t really have so much against Visual C, more what using it has done to my computer. I don’t see errors on webpages like the majority of the world anymore, instead I get an offer to debug the page from my handy dandy Visual Studio. THAT I don’t like.

9. If you had the ability to castrate any person in the games industry using >two bricks, who would you most like to remove from the gene pool?
Shub Niggoroth.

10. Any messages to anyone who reads this?
"A single hand cannot clap."

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