Malcolm Owen On May 5, 2002 at 8:27 am

Vince Desi of Running with Scissors, talks about Postal 2 for 10 Questions

1. Explain the concept of Postal 2, Where it leads off from the original game, etc.
It’s simple, the POSTAL dude is back and is he wacked? You decide. Postal 2 begins in the small town of Paradise, AZ where the original took place. What could possibly go wrong in paradise!! Well the POSTAL dude has had a really shitty day and now he has to deal with it.

2. According to the PR, the new Unreal engine will be used for this project. Why did you choose this engine over others such as the Quake 3 engine, and the vast change from Isometric to Full 3D?
POSTAL 2 is different, its not your typical 3D FPS, and my guys felt that Unreal Warfare has the most advanced particle system. It has an amazing terrain system and the visuals are just insane. From the very beginning fans everywhere have asked for a new perspective. I’m real happy though cause the game still has an open environment feeling.

3. How many licks DOES it take to get to the tootsie roll center of a tootsie pop?
Depends on who’s sucking.

4. How will you handle the shift to increased realism without it seeming awkward or getting into lawsuits from complaints over extreme realism/violence? The original game was more like a cartoon, and this is obviously going to change, due to being a 3D game
Who the hells got the time to worry about all the assholes out there waiting to pound on us. You gotta understand something…3D, cartoon, FPS or RPG, it’s a GAME, and anyone who doesn’t get the difference vs reality needs to be locked up for real, and do me a favor – throw the key away.

5. How will you deal with the comparison to games such as GTA3, that Postal 2 will almost certainly have from the mainstream media?
I welcome the mainstream media, the audience for the original Postal was all over the place, not just gamers. We somehow connect with a lot of so-called straight people that just wanna go OFF. And if people do their homework, POSTAL came out long before GTA 1! We’ve been wanting to do POSTAL in 3D for a long time, but there’s been a lotta crap we had to go thru but we never gave up.

6. What online features will Postal 2 have, if any?
POSTAL 2 will come with basic multiplayer (i.e. Deathmatch, Team-Death Match, and Capture the Flag), a couple months later we will release a stand-alone multiplayer version very tournament-esque!

7. Why? (Not necessarily about Question 6…)
Because Champ wants it that way

8. If you could take one part from any game in the world (Aside from your own work), and copyright it for your own usage, what would it be?
For money, THE SIMS. For Fun, I’d take GTA3, one of the most fun games to date.

9. So, when’s it coming out?
For Christmas, as someone told me "Let the stockings bleed on the floor"

10. Any messages to anyone who reads this?
First THANKS to all our fans who have been so supportive and waited all these years, and I promise you POSTAL 2 will deliver like no one could dream.

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