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Posted By Malcolm Owen On September 9, 2002 at 7:48 am Comments Off on Review: Balls Up: Episode 1 (PC)

Anyone remember "Thrust" and "Asteroids"? They were great, although simple to understand. The entire essence of the games were based upon gravity. Indeed, many university essays were scribed discussing the finer points of a small rocket’s trajectory over a small screen while attempting a difficult task. Most people who remember it would agree when someone […]

Posted By Malcolm Owen On September 5, 2002 at 5:22 pm Comments Off on Review: Technics RP-WF920 RF Wireless Headphones (Hardware)

The Technics RP-WF920 RF headphones are, as the name suggests, cordless headphones. Pretty easy to realize that with the letters "R" and "F" in it’s name. Instead of being the normal infrared based, they use a "Stereo Frequency Modulation System" (AKA Radio Waves to you and me), to transmit the sound from the transmitter to […]

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