Malcolm Owen On February 14, 2003 at 6:31 pm

I find it a bit strange to sit here on Valentine’s Day, writing about a game with a good looking leading woman, without going for the comedy effect of writing a long fantasizing essay on why I would love such a character, if only for laughs. I’m resisting every single urge to do this, as I know full well that if I ended up doing the "Love Thing", then I would be killed by so many people it’s unfunny. The character in question is Skye of Lynlora, and the game is Darkened Skye.

Darkened Skye is an action game where you play the aforementioned beauty whom has the daunting task of saving the world from Evil, after all, what else is the equivalent of a shepherdess useful for? Her story starts by running after her herd of one, which leads her to a little gem and a staff, which aside from the greatness of hitting stuff with, it also looks kinda cool. And so, she ends up on a voyage of discovery, doing the normal "defeating evil" story we all know about.

Skye herself, is an orange haired, orange wearing woman with orange eyes. A headstrong female, who believes that the rules of the land are stupid and wrong, for example bright colours being a symbol of rebellion, which in anyone’s book could be seen as a stupid rule, but it can be thought that the rest of the land’s laws could be as insanely pathetic in their construction. Aided by Draak, a winged….thing…. Skye seems to be up to the task of becoming the next action heroine, and even by the small look at the game that I have seen, she seems to have more personality than a certain Ms Croft, so that is a good start down the road to fame. Her voice may seem familiar to some people, as it is the exact same as Princess Jasmine from Disney’s Aladdin, played by Linda Larkin.

The game will be coming out some time in Q1 of 2003.

Press Release Snippets
Compelling Gameplay – A rich and involving storyline with open ended, non-linear Gameplay
Over 30 Levels – spanning 5 different worlds (Including Dungeon, Asian and Gargoyle),each level features at least 10 unique types of monsters on each level
Spectacular Graphics – Darkened Skye has it’s own unique 3D Engine, featuring over 2 hours of cut scenes, detailed and attractive environments including particle and lighting effects
Extensive range of moves – including Over 20 different Spells (True Sight, awaken Stone, diminish, prismatic pulse, fire walk, lightning, strengthen sap, cleanse evil and more !)

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