Justin Lee On January 19, 2006 at 12:28 pm

Will it be better? Can it be released before Christmas 2006? Will it cost less than the high priced Xbox 360 and PS3? President of Nintendo says it can be!

In an interview featured in today’s edition of Japanese newspaper Sankei Shinbun, Nintendo president Satoru Iwata stated, "We can’t disclose the Revolution’s release period yet, but we have no plans to miss out on the year-end sales battle. As for North America, we need to release it by Thanksgiving, or otherwise we won’t receive support from the retail industry. So the Revolution will be released prior to that period."

Iwata avoided any specific comments about how much the Revolution would cost. However, he reiterated that the console will be reasonably priced. "The amount of money that people are willing to spend on videogames is getting less every year," he said. "Even if it’s a superb machine, it’s not going to sell if it’s 50,000 yen ($434). We plan to make [the Revolution] an affordable price."

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