Justin Lee On January 26, 2006 at 7:09 pm

Hmm…this can’t be good for racing games:

Two teens facing criminal charges after a taxi driver died in an alleged street race between luxury cars could see a video game seized at the crash become evidence in the case, police said Thursday.

If the popular street-racing game Need for Speed does become evidence, the entertainment software industry says that would, to their knowledge, be a first in Canada.

The game, which allows players to race high-octane luxury cars through busy urban areas at high speeds, was found on the front seat of a Mercedes Benz that crashed into the taxi on Tuesday night, killing 46-year-old Tahir Khan.

The video game has been seized by police, along with the car, as possible evidence, said Toronto police Det. Paul Lobsinger.

"If the Crown wanted to introduce it toward state of mind," that’s a possibility, said Lobsinger.

"It’s sadly ironic in that what (allegedly) took place is what takes place in the game."

Read the rest on Macleans.ca.

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