Justin Lee On February 15, 2006 at 9:39 am

Next Generation has an article up about an insider spilling the beans on the upcoming Playstation 3: The online service will be called HUB and it even hints at a release date! Can this all be true?

Next Generation can reveal that Sony is planning to launch an online games service, largely modelled on Xbox Live, currently called PlayStation HUB. We also understand Sony is aiming for a September launch for PlayStation 3 in Japan and North America

According to well-placed industry sources, PlayStation HUB will offer PlayStation 3 owners much the same services as Xbox Live, including chat, downloadable demos, independent games and online play. The service is also designed to support PSP online play as well as PS3. It’s a departure from PlayStation 2’s online strategy, widely regarded as vastly inferior to Microsoft’s.

A must read over on Next Generation.

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