Justin Lee On February 13, 2006 at 7:33 am

We have changed our entire layout and design of our website! Your old bookmarks will no longer work. This is for the better as it will be easier to find news/reviews/screenshots from our front page!

A quick run down on how to use our site:

On the left menu you will see our usual Reviews and News button. We now have a FORUM and Games List. If you are looking for every "news item" about a game, Games List is the place to go in one neat little place. Want to know about that Halo 2 PC annoucement? Just click on Games List and click H at the top to find it! Please e-mail us your comments at webmaster@gametactics.com about our site and enjoy your stay!

For more on the changes, head on over to the Gametactics Site Move 2006 editorial

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