Malcolm Owen On March 15, 2006 at 2:21 pm

The BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) has decided in all their wisdom to allow for a second series of videoGaiden.

For those not in the know, videoGaiden is the first decent (note that word) gaming show to appear on the BBC in literally years. It’s masterminded by the guys behind Consolevania, the free to download and watch IPTV gaming show that actually works. videoGaiden consisted of 6 episodes of 10 minutes where Rab and Rob (Scottish people) would run through some new releases at speed and then have some funny stuff chucked in for good measure (Such as Legend, the Xbox Live Champion). Granted, it was only 10 minutes long, but they got a lot in that 10 minutes, more than most other gaming shows could do in 30. The BBC also allowed the episodes to be viewed via the internet, which is a good change from the usual "I’ll catch it on the repeat" if we miss it the first time.

Obviously, they’re happy about the recommision, as their blog shows.

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