Justin Lee On March 14, 2006 at 1:39 pm

SEGA has sent word that the very cool Condemned: Criminal Origins has gone gold for the PC. Gamers who don’t own an Xbox 360 can now check out this scary game on April 11th. Sega even sent along new screenshots, so check them out.

SEGA of America, Inc. today announced that its award-winning, first-person psychological thriller Condemned: Criminal Origins has gone gold for the PC. This news follows recent announcements from SEGA detailing a North American release date, April 11, 2006.

Developed by Monolith Productions, Condemned: Criminal Origins allows players to experience an unnatural level of psychological tension as they use their weapons, instincts and forensic tools to track down serial killers and bring them to justice.

Condemned: Criminal Origins features amazingly photorealistic environments and true to-life sound effects that transport players directly to the scene of the crime. In addition to using guns, gruesome weapons can be fashioned from the environment: paper-cutter handles, wooden planks and lead pipes ripped from the walls can be used to attack the highly intelligent opponents. Enemies don’t merely run at the player, they find an appropriately powerful weapon to strike with and lurk in the shadows, waiting for the best opportunity to attack.
Features include:

* Sophisticated lighting, mapping, and filtering techniques provide for environments of superior detail and visual quality.

* Intelligent enemies respond strategically to your offensive and defensive maneuvers.

* High-level physics allow players to manipulate background items, which respond realistically when picked up, kicked, or bumped.

* Meticulously crafted 5.1 surround-sound will cue players to the location of off-screen enemies.Today SEGA announced that its award-winning Xbox 360 launch title, Condemned: Criminal Origins, has gone gold for the PC. With the launch date set at April 11th, PC gamers are less than a month away from the haunting thrill and excitement that took critics and gamers by storm on the Xbox 360. In Condemned: Criminal Origins, gamers play Agent Thomas, an investigator in the FBI’s Serial Crimes Unit (SCU), whose pursuit of relentless serial killers leads him through urban environments filled with sociopaths lurking in the shadows, waiting to destroy him.

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