Justin Lee On March 8, 2006 at 9:24 am

Namco Bandi’s president says that a spring release for the Playstation 3 is impossible at the rate Sony is going. So be sure to find out FIRST on our E3 Coverage site starting May 10th!

Namco Bandai Holdings Inc. President Takeo Takasu said it was ’’impossible” for Sony Corp. to start sales of the PlayStation 3 game console in spring as scheduled, which may delay a recovery in the software industry.

"’Without any announcements so far, the spring release is impossible,” Takasu said yesterday in an interview in Tokyo. ’’We are developing titles for PlayStation 3, but the release of the games depends on the timing of the hardware.”

"’Nothing has changed with our plans” for the launch of the PS3, said Nanako Kato, a spokeswoman at Sony Computer Entertainment Inc., the company’s games division. Sony said it’s still aiming for a launch in "spring.”

From Bloomberg.

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