Malcolm Owen On March 28, 2006 at 2:21 pm

Yes, the headline is correct. Savage 2 will be free for download to anyone, and you can play it in single player and LAN modes for free, with online play at an extra charge.

Independent Game Developer S2 Games announced today that Savage 2: A Tortured Soul, the much anticipated sequel to their award winning first title, Savage: The Battle for Newerth, will be available for download via the S2 Games Website anywhere, anytime, and on any computer for free. Gamers worldwide will be able to “sample” Savage 2 on any local area network (LAN) and will be able to play the artificial intelligence (AI)/practice mode along with the game’s included tutorial via the no charge access. They will then have the opportunity to purchase an account for $29.99 USD, which will grant them access to full online gameplay.

Though the free download will not withhold any of the core gameplay elements, there will be certain features that will only be enabled in online play. The main feature that will be missing will be the ability to play against people online – other than those on their LAN. Additionally, for players wishing to build their character and save their overall stats, persistent items and experiences, purchasing an account for $29.99 will be the only way to go, thus allowing them to play the game online with other real players on servers hosted by S2 Games.

“We pride ourselves on being truly independent and basing many of our decisions on how our fans will benefit,” said Marc DeForest, co-founder and lead designer of S2 Games. “By offering a fully functional game as a free download, it will give gamers an opportunity to ‘test drive’ Savage 2 before actually paying for an account and playing online. As gamers, we know we would appreciate that kind of treatment ourselves, so it’s only right that we do unto others.”

While LAN play will be free for non-commercial/personal use, LAN centers or companies wishing to use the game in LAN mode for commercial purposes will need to obtain licensed copies from S2 Games.

I personally liked playing LAN games of Savage at my local gaming center, and I hope Savage 2 gets the developer more exposure and sales to go on doing great things.

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