Malcolm Owen On May 15, 2006 at 3:24 am

Killzone. Fun.

Further to the announcement of Killzone™: Liberation, developed exclusively for PlayStation®Portable (PSP™) by Guerrilla (now a member of Sony Worldwide Studios), Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE) is now delighted to inform fans about some of the exciting new features planned for the game.

In order to maximize the PSP playing experience, Guerrilla has moved from a first person to a third person viewpoint. This new intelligent camera system always gives the player the best overview capturing all of the intense action, enabling the player to make tactical decisions before engaging in a firefight.

Killzone: Liberation stays true to the PlayStation®2 version in atmosphere and all-out action. The player reprises the role of the battle hardened Templar (although other familiar characters appear, including Rico) as he attempts to save ISA hostages taken captive by the evil General Metrac and leads the battle to gain the liberation of Southern Vekta. The fight against the new, sinister General spans over 16 missions in a variety of new environments. The player will have to overcome all new Helghast enemies including bodyguards (complete with riot shield defence) and trained killer dogs. In turn, players will be able to utilise a wide range of weaponry including sniper rifles and a crossbow with explosive tipped arrows.

At specific points players will be able to use a new Tactical Command System to give orders to an AI buddy during frantic firefights. Killzone: Liberation also allows you to drive vehicles including tanks and hovercrafts to help defeat the powerful and intelligent enemy. Players can use the challenge games to sharpen their skills and earn new abilities.

Killzone: Liberation takes full advantage of the technical capabilities of the PSP hardware with its multiplayer functionality; two player co-op in campaign mode, (i.e. two players can team up and take on the single player game together) whilst up to six players can compete in ad-hoc mode in six multiplayer maps.

In addition, Killzone: Liberation will feature a Game Share mode, so PSP gamers yet to experience the intense Killzone universe will have the opportunity to sample the intense action and gripping gameplay.

You have stopped the Helghast once but the war is not over…now you must fight them again. Liberty hangs in the balance…

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