Justin Lee On June 29, 2006 at 8:09 am

Ubisoft sends word that the space adventure game developed by Ascaron Entertainment will be released Friday at 12PM EDT (9AM PDT) on Gamespot UK. Other mirrors will follow later on, but for now it will be an exclusive demo. DarkStar One will only be released in Europe at the current time.

Don’t miss the DarkStar One demo! Explore the universe and take on different assignments like bounty hunting, piracy, and smuggling to build your ship, the DarkStar One, with the highest-developed equipment and technologies. Only by diving deeper into the universe will you discover clues to your father’s mysterious death and the secret technology he built into the DarkStar One. With more than 300 solar systems, you’ll encounter different territories of the galaxy, new technologies, dangerous situations, and unique races like the Terrans, Mortok, and Oc’to. Get ready to explore the universe…and beyond in this sci-fi adventure!

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