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Montreal is quickly becoming the city to be in Canada to develop videogames, Ubisoft and EA have setup development teams in the city and we have the best looking women on the planet. So, it is not suprising we also have a developer conference of our own:

MIGS attracts some of the most talented and original creators in the game industry worldwide. The event is the foremost Canadian forum for creators, developers and producers of console games, PC games, mobile games, online games and more. "The resounding success of the first two summits shows that Montreal is the ideal location for this event. This year we are expecting more than 800 professionals from North America, Europe and Asia. The event is an outstanding opportunity to exchange ideas and develop expertise in this fast-expanding industry," says Gilles Bertrand, executive director of Alliance numériQC.

Big names coming to Montreal
This year once again, MIGS will feature celebrated personalities from the game industry sharing their experiences, know-how and sometimes even the secrets of their success. Among the most eagerly anticipated speakers, we are pleased to welcome the president of Nintendo of America, Reggis Fils-Aimé. Some of the other confirmed speakers include:

Alexandre Nareyek, Professor, National University of Singapore
Allen Lau, CTO and Co-founder, Tira Wireless
Chris Bateman, Managing Director, International Hobo
Eric Albert, Head of North American Operations, Gameloft
Marsel Khadiyev, Owner, EPHERE Productions inc.
Marty Stoltz, Studio Cinematic Director, Midway Games
Richard Rouse III, Director of Game Design, Midway Games
Stephen Martiniere, Visual Design Director, Midway Games
Matt Costello, President, Polar Productions
Michelle Hinn, Lecturer, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Reid Schneider, Senior Producer, Electronic Arts

Participants will be able to attend more than 40 classes, seminars, lectures and workshops during the two-day event, and have ample opportunities to chat and network with industry peers.

An innovation zone will present the latest technological advances and new practices. And professionals can take a relaxing break in the interactive lounge, discovering the latest games on the market and previewing forthcoming products. New titles could well be launched there…

Registration and information
For full details about MIGS, to register, or to subscribe to the MIGS newsletter, check out www.montrealgamesummit.com. Registration is now open and a discount of up to 30% on the regular admission price applies until September 30.

Major partners
This year once again, MIGS benefits from the financial support of prestigious private and public partners, including Autodesk, leading partner for the 2nd year running, and Beenox-Activision, Nintendo, Electronic Arts Montréal, Artificial Mind and Movement, Havok, Investissement Québec, the Ministère du Développement économique, de l’Innovation et de l’Exportation and the Ministère de la Culture et des Communications du Québec. Additional partners will be announced.

Advisory board
MIGS is made possible thanks to valued collaborators from the Québec video game industry (the advisory board). "These delegates devote a great deal of time and energy to ensuring the summit has the high-calibre content to meet the current needs of people in the industry," says Martin Walker, MIGS content coordinator and director of technology at A2M. Other members of the board are Jason Della Rocca, IGDA; Noémie Dupuy, Wave Generation; Paul Gadbois, Beenox; Kelley Heather, Ubisoft; Alex Hyder, EA; John Laff, EA; David Lightbown, A2M; Rémi Lortie, Sarbakan; Alexandre Pelletier-Normand, Gameloft; Eric Plante, EA; Dominique Roussy, Ubisoft; Dany Savard, Jamdat; Ollie Sykes, DC-Studios;

About MIGS
MIGS was created in 2004 to serve members of the video game industry, which currently employs over 3,500 people in Québec. The gathering promotes the transfer of knowledge and expertise, raises the international profile of the Québec video game industry, and cultivates exchange, meshing and communications. A specialized, high-level event, the MIGS touches upon a host of different fields ranging from artistic creation to game design, and including production and programming.

About Alliance numériQC
Alliance numériQC – Québec’s digital industry network – supports and accelerates the growth and competitiveness of the industry. Focusing its efforts on private companies and SMBs, the network has more than 200 members in the game, eLearning, education and Internet services and applications sectors. For anyone seeking to work with professionals in the field of interactive digital content, Alliance numériQC is the gateway.

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