Malcolm Owen On July 10, 2006 at 5:05 am

I coudn’t believe the report at first glance, after the many years of conditioning by certain people in our society. But then I remembered I like games and therefore I’m hated by the same certain people. Mr Thompson will not be happy…

A ground breaking meeting took place in Brussels today involving consumers, publishers and developers of video games throughout the European Union. Participants including parents’ representatives heard a panel of independent experts, including psychologists and media specialists, express their views about the impact of videogames on players, especially the younger ones. Patrice Chazerand, secretary general, ISFE, was quoted as saying: “In light of such a thorough analysis of current issues and such a lively dialogue, we should not let this intellectual stimulation die out. ISFE will see to building upon this exchange and make it happen on a permanent or regular basis”.

The experts present, drawn from universities and research institutions throughout Europe [downloadable using the link on the right], focused on the different perceptions, both positive and negative, that exist today about the industry and also its player community. A majority of experts came down in favour of the positive aspects of the videogame and pointed to the growing number of innovative applications in fields ranging from education, the treatment of behavioural problems with youngster, including attention deficit disorders, manned space exploration, etc. While none of the participating experts would consider videogame playing as an addictive pastime in itself, a consensus emerged as to the need for proper independent research, together with adequate education of parents as to the nature of games.

I’m sure that you lot are smart enough to go to either or and search their websites for snippets of information, but I won’t, because games are good for me so I’m going back to GTA: San Andreas…

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