Justin Lee On July 13, 2006 at 7:29 am

Homer controller? Maybe a Bart shaped joystick? Accessories 4 Technology sends word that they have a new license to create The Simpsons console accessories.

Accessories 4 Technology (A4T) and 20th Century Fox are delighted to announce the launch of a range of Simpson’s branded video game accessories. The deal agreed at the beginning of the year includes accessories to support existing consoles in the marketplace and products for the new formats as and when they are launched.

A4T own 4Gamers, the number one third party video game accessory brand in the UK, and have managed branded accessories for leading brands such as Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo.

“The Simpson’s show has a cult following in the UK and appeals to our target demographic,” explained Andrew Shephard, Managing Director, A4T. “We felt that with the commitment from 20th Century Fox to future series of the show and the planned introduction of a range of new software next year, that the brand extension into the video gaming accessories was a very logical step.”

“Our product development team are currently working on the accessories that will be included in the range. This will include products for all the existing consoles in the marketplace as well as future console launches” confirmed Bill Stirling, Sales Director, A4T. “We are aiming to launch the products for the crucial Back to School season this year.”

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