Justin Lee On August 17, 2006 at 7:05 am

Ubisoft sends word that Blazing Angels: Squadrons of WW II will not only be on the Nintendo Wii but the Playstation 3 as well!

Today Ubisoft, one of the world’s largest video game publishers, announced it will bring Blazing Angels Squadrons of WWII, the intense squadron-based flight action game, to the PlayStation 3 computer entertainment system. Blazing Angels Squadrons of WWII will be available for the new system’s launch.

In Blazing Angels Squadrons of WWII, developed in Ubisoft’s Romanian studio, players will experience the most gripping and famous battles of WWII through the eyes of a squadron commander and ace fighter pilot. From the Battle of Britain, through the dramatic air combat of Pearl Harbor, the fierce fighting of Midway, and on to the European continent in the battle of Berlin, players can hone their pilot skills while creating WWII history. Dominate the skies of Western Europe and the Pacific and bring your squadron of Blazing Angels back alive.

Blazing Angels Squadrons of WWII will take advantage of the PlayStation 3 system’s unique and powerful capabilities, including innovative use of the PlayStation 3 controller. New missions will be introduced and the game will feature a heart-pounding 16-player multiplayer mode.

For more information, please visit www.blazing-angels.com.

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