Justin Lee On August 10, 2006 at 7:51 am

Microsoft sends us a ton of screenshots for the upcoming Night-Nine Nights for the Xbox 360 and even some character profiles. It’s a little creepy when people write an entire backstory for videogame characters isn’t it? Is it just me or do all the character names end with a double letter, like Justinn or Mikee…

Myifee is a 32-year-old mercenary who wields a Fire Orb Spark. When people see his sly smirk, they usually get the wrong impression. He is, in fact, a proud warrior who always gives his utmost, be it on the battlefield, in romance, or at the bar.

Born into a family of politically astute lawyers and politicians, Myifee grew up with an understanding of one’s public and private faces. Although he was once a Temple Knight, he abandoned them to become an independent soldier after it became clear that the royal army was willing to leave the masses undefended.

Although some of h is decisions appear imprudent, Myifee is, more than anything, a man who refuses to turn a blind eye. In the present war, he volunteered to assist the swordswoman Epharr as a bodyguard. Scratch the surface of this apparent cynic and you will find a likeable man of passion and honor.
Inphyy is a 17-year-old female member of the Temple Knights. She brandishes a crimson broad sword and wields a Light Orb Spark.

Her lineage is “blessed with the divine protection of the Light” and her father was a soldier of honor in the Dividing War. Inphyy is unwavering in her faith in the Temple Knights, her belief in justice, and her loyalty to the Maiden of Light.

Inphyy’s stubbornness is a thin veneer that hides an inner fragility – her immense adoration of her elder stepbrother, Aspharr, and her fiery insistence on justice is a way of hiding these feelings.

Aspharr is a 19-year old blue Temple Knight. He wields a Light Orb Spark and a long spear. He is Inphyy’s brave older stepbrother and a childhood friend of Ectvarr, the Maiden of Light. He cares deeply for his younger sister.

Despite his tender age, Aspharr is a thoughtful young man with a cool head. He dislikes conflict, prefers not to give orders to others, and is deeply conflicted over the Human sacrifices being made in the name of the war over the orbs. Aspharr has trouble defining justice as a mere factor of Human political motives.

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