Justin Lee On September 22, 2006 at 11:53 am

Crave Entertainment sends word that NRA Gun Club has been released in store shelves. We saw the game at E3 on our sister site E3coverage.com and it looked pretty good.

Crave Entertainment, a leading publisher of console videogames for the casual gamer, today announced that NRA Gun Club, a target shooter for the PlayStation 2 computer entertainment system, has shipped to retail stores throughout North America. Officially endorsed by the National Rifle Association, NRA Gun Club allows gamers to enter the shooting range, steady their nerves, and take aim at the bull¡Šs- eye and score in a wide variety of competitive environments.

The game puts over one hundred faithfully recreated firearms in the hands of the player who can try his or her skill in a wide range of immersive 3D practice environments, from indoor ranges with paper targets, to hillsides with poppers or on the skeet course with flying clay pigeons. A certification mode challenges would-be sharpshooters? skills, and detailed descriptions and information for every firearm make it a must-have for gun collectors and enthusiasts.

Features of NRA Gun Club include:
– Over 100 firearms to choose from current consumer models, LE/military & specialty models
– Detailed descriptions for every firearm
– Quick Match Mode
– Certification Mode
– Unlock new guns, environments, and challenges
– Choose from over 15 realistic shooting challenges
– Head-to-head challenges offer competitive gameplay for 1-8 players
– 12 unique gameplay settings from close- range shooting galleries to expansive open terrain for long-range targeting
– Focus on firearms and target shooting

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