Justin Lee On September 29, 2006 at 7:49 am

Can you go wrong with an industrial music and horror effects expert for the game Sabotage?
Relentless beats driving the player forward, haunting melodies that further the unreal atmosphere – music and sound effects for the tense stealth action shooter Sabotage by ANACONDA and Replay Studios are created together with two of the best and most experienced German musicians, both standout figures in the music scene: industrial legend Mona Mur and horror effects expert Hermann Kopp.

The aim was to create a unique audio-visual game world, as well as controlling the way players experience it. “We want the music to have a psychological effect on the player and to that end, we are integrating it into the mission design”, explains Sascha Jungnickel, Creative Director at developer Replay Studios. “When you are faced with a larger-than-life enemy, the music will do ist part to not only underscore the situation, but to give it a unique edge. Fast, pounding rhythms drive you on when trying to escape, adding extra pressure. And during silent stealth attacks that demand all your concentration and caution, the music will increase the tension to the breaking point.”

Sabotage’s impressive soundtrack use the whole range of modern music to form the game experience – apocalyptic horns, unrelenting industrial sounds and romantic piano melodies. “An extraordinary game concept needs adequate music to assault the gamer in the moments of truth,” continues Jungnickel.

Mona Mur is responsible for the musical direction, most of the soundtrack and all atmospheric music in Sabotage, closing out the game with a sing over the credits that will also be available on her new CD, coming next year.
She has worked on several records since the 1980s, collaborating amongst others with members of “Einstürzende Neubauten”, making a name for herself as singer and songwriter of dark, relentless wave music. Since the mid-1990s, she has applied her passionate skill to composing electronic soundtracks for movies and games.
Her haunting, finely nuanced soundscapes shine with a hypnotic expressiveness, creating a jagged, penetrating atmosphere. She provided three tracks for Fatih Akins movie “Head-On”, winner of the 2004 Golden Berlin Bear.

In his first work for the games industy, expert for horror film music Hermann Kopp will contribute exquisite string music. Living in Barcelona, he can look back on a wealth of experience, beginning in the 1980s as a member of the German avant-garde electro-pop formation “Keine Ahnung”. In addition, he worked on numerous solo projects and created the soundtrack for legendary horror cult classics “Nekromantik”, “Nekromantik 2” and “Der Todesking” by Jörg Buttgereit. Hermann Kopp’s peculiar compositions create a suggestive pull and disturbing, morbid atmosphere with very sparing arrangements, unique to today’s music scene.

In Sabotage, players take on the role of MI6 agent Violette Summer. Alone and behind enemy lines, the tough resistance fighter takes on the Nazi war machine – silent and deadly. Sabotage combines stealth and action, balancing both elements in its challenging missions. Whether Notre Dame in Paris, the Hamburg harbor, France’s Maginot bunkers or historic Warsaw: Sabotage’s impressively realistic graphics shine with an an unmistakably unique post-filter look. The stealth shooter will be published by ANACONDA early in 2007.


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