Justin Lee On September 11, 2006 at 12:13 pm

All the good facts about Tom and Jerry Tales for the Game Boy Advance and Nintendo DS plus some new screenshots.

Game Overview
Tom and Jerry Tales on the Game Boy Advance and Nintendo DS systems is a classic showdown that puts an emphasis on what Tom and Jerry are all about: the chase!

Players guide Jerry through many rooms of a house, encountering hilarious Tom and Jerry moments controlled with interactive cut scenes. Throughout the game, Jerry must outrun and outlast Tom and get him kicked out of the house for good!

Tom has finally lost it and gone mouse-catching crazy. With the family gone for the day, he has stolen Jerry’s special cheese stash and set traps all over the house in order to finally catch his elusive prey. Now Jerry must make his way through the house to survive, running through mouse holes, destroying the house through interactions with Tom, recover his precious cheese along the way and, for once and all – Get Tom Out of the House!

– Exciting game play as Jerry the mouse of the favorite cat and mouse chase duo.
– Explore inside and outside of the house, featuring multiple environments from the cartoon series.
– Dodge traps to avoid being captured, as you stir up trouble for the house and your friendly foe.
– Nintendo DS Specific Feature: Touch-screen activated quick time events allow players to use lightening quick reflexes to cleverly avoid Tom and create general mayhem in the house.
– Game Boy Advance Specific Feature: Various mini-games keep the chase going.

Platforms Nintendo DS and Game Boy Advance Systems
Genre Action/Platformer
Availability November 2006
Publisher Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment
Distributor Eidos Interactive
Developer Sensory Sweep Studios

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