Justin Lee On October 4, 2006 at 8:26 am

Time to build the zoo of your dreams, think you can out do the San Diego Zoo? No problem with Wildlife Zoo, don’t forget to check out the new screenshots Dreamcatcher Interactive sent over in a cage.

DreamCatcher Games, an award-winning publisher of PC and console games, today announced that Wildlife Zoo has shipped to retailers across North America.

Playing the role of Zoo Director you will be able to build the Zoo of your dreams! With more than 80 different plant and animal species to take care of, it is your job to make sure they are fed, trained, healthy and happy. Just like in a real Zoo, you will also be responsible for managing landscape architects, gardeners, zoo keepers, veterinarians and scientists. Make this Zoo your own by modifying and customizing the landscape and by breeding exotic animals and plants in special research labs. If you manage your Zoo carefully, you will soon celebrate the birth of new animals!

Are you up for the challenge?

You too will be able to enjoy the Zoo that you’ve just created using the unique “visitor mode” allowing you to interact with the animals and exhibits as a guest.

Engage your creativity and get set to create the Zoo of your dreams!


* Design your very own Zoo from scratch – You choose the animals, layout, exhibits and much more!
* Take on 20 fun-filled missions all around the world.
* Make your Zoo unique by creating bridges, underwater tunnels and towering waterfalls.
* Breed exotic and extinct animal and plant species in special research labs.
* Experience realistic animal behavior and development such as social activity, birth and aging, aggression and trainability.
* Visit exotic places from around the world like the Sahara Desert, Australia, the Alps, Costa Rica, Italy, Alaska, China, India and more as you rescue endangered animals and add them to your Zoo exhibits.
* Use the unique “visitor mode” to take a walk or drive around the Zoo that you’ve just created.
* Create advertising and execute marketing plans to attract new visitors to your Zoo.
* Use the built-in encyclopedia to look-up useful information on both exotic animals and plants.

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