Justin Lee On November 29, 2006 at 11:10 am

Welcome to the wild world of pocketbike racing: The tiniest and most back-breaking of motorsports. Swing your leg over your Pocketbike Racer and experience the exhilaration only a knee-high motorcycle can provide.

It might look a bit ridiculous, but being this low to the ground does have its advantages. You have a lower center of gravity, so you can take those corners harder and stay stable. Also, if you fall, there’s not so far to go. Best of all, your opponents are on the right level to eat your dust.

So choose your 40 pound, 14 horsepower beast, chose a character, and chose from a series of tracks with long straightaways, tight bends, and treacherous hairpins. Then sit back and enjoy the game, knowing you can always Have It Your Way.

Just $3.99 (USD) $4.99 (CAD) with the purchase of any BK value meal from Burger King.

* Gadgets Galore: Unleash havoc on your opponents by filling your Boost Bar. Choose wisely though, because using a gadget empties your Boost Bar, and you won’t be able to put the hurt on your opponents again until it’s full.
* Treacherous Terrain: Cruise the King’s Garden, where you can race and battle amongst the vegetation, or tear it up in the BURGER KING® parking lot, where the virtual employees will cheer you on. Or choose from five other thrill-seeking, BK® inspired race tracks.
* Multiple Modes: Challenge a friend, play solo, or take your game online with Xbox Live®!

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