Justin Lee On December 21, 2006 at 7:31 am

With over 2 million copies sold, the Burger King Games are a hit!

Released on Nov. 19, more than 2 million BK Xbox games have been sold in just four weeks, joining the ranks of other top-selling Xbox 360 titles such as "Call of Duty 3" and "Saint’s Row," making it the best-selling collection of games published for the Xbox/Xbox 360 platforms this holiday season.

All three Xbox games in the collection — "Pocketbike Racer," "Big Bumpin’," "Sneak King" — are available at participating BURGER KING® restaurants, for a limited time only while supplies last, for a recommended price of $3.99 per game with the purchase of a BK® Value Meal.

"We created the BK® Xbox games as a unique form of all-family interactive entertainment, and we’re thrilled with the response thus far," said Russ Klein, president, global marketing, strategy, and innovation, Burger King Corporation. "Most video games are considered a blockbuster when they reach the 1 million mark in sales, and this collection has achieved twice that, thanks in part to the great value for the money and convenient holiday stocking stuffer appeal."

Compatible on both Xbox and Xbox 360 platforms, the BK® Xbox Game Collection is based on some of the most popular video game genres — racing, action and adventure — and rated "E" for everyone. The three BK® Xbox Live-enabled titles blend the popularity of BURGER KING® brand icons, such as the King and Subservient Chicken, into visually rich, three-dimensional environments that give players of all ages an entertaining, interactive experience on one of the most popular video game platforms in the world.

"Consumers have come to expect the unexpected from Burger King Corporation so their appetite for these games is not entirely surprising," said Chris DiCesare, director of Xbox partnership marketing. "We’re elated that our effort to pair two iconic brands has succeeded in providing Xbox owners with a fun diversion this holiday."

Developed by Blitz Games, one of Europe’s largest independent video game developers, the three games feature exciting multi-player opportunities via Xbox Live, as well as "achievements" and other aspects of gameplay that Xbox owners know and love. For more information on the BK® Xbox Game Collection and Xbox Live tournaments, please visit http://www.bkgamer.com

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