Justin Lee On December 1, 2006 at 7:38 am

Sony sends word that Gran Turismo HD for the Playstation 3 has been canceled, it was shown off at E3 2006 and it looked pretty good. It was pretty much a port of Gran Turismo 4. The game will be released in Japan as a free mini game download in December 24th as a Christmas present.

Here’s a "Engrish" translation from the original Japanese announcement page using some quick Japanese to English translation software:

1. ‘Gran Turismo HD concept ‘ in Christmas eve of this year no charge download (*) being similar from PLAYSTATION Store, we deliver to everyone as the mini- version which bodily sensation can do the real value of PLAYSTATION 3 promptly.

2. ‘ Gran Turismo HD ‘ the product strategy is taken a second look, ‘ Glan two lith ? 5 ‘ development is made to prefer. It is undecided, ‘ Gran Turismo 5 ‘ concerning sale time, but as soon as goal to be in sight, it reports.

‘ Gran Turismo HD concept ‘, it has the HD graphics which can taste PLAYSTATION 3 the hardware efficiency of 1st, ‘ Gran Turismo 5 ‘ to it has become the pure driving simulator where the automobile behavior simulation engine of the new generation where loading is planned is preceded is mounted 2nd. ‘ Gran Turismo 5 ‘ to please wait the actualization of real online Carla if simulation.

From the time before it was in conception, ‘ Gran Turismo HD ‘ ‘ Grand Turismo5 ‘ to with it makes many elements absorb.

If it adds, it does not limit release of concept version to just this time. ‘ Gran Turismo 5 ‘ in the period to release, that you think whether it is not to be also an opportunity which again, shows the concept version which includes various experimental attempts to everyone.

And everything is the true online edition Gran Turismo world, you think that ‘ Glan two lith ? 5 ‘ to with we would like to keep being able to connect.

First no charge download is started in Christmas eve ‘ Gran Turismo HD concept ‘ please enjoys.

‘ Gran Turismo HD concept ‘ concerning contents details future, at this sight are the schedule which it keeps announcing.

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