Justin Lee On December 18, 2006 at 9:25 am

SplitFish GameWare Inc. has released a nifty device claiming that it can turn some Playstation 2 games into full 3D.

SplitFish GameWare Inc today announced delivery of its EyeFX 3D Adapter for the Sony Playstation 2 to EB Games, Rogers Video and Fry’s Electronics. For on line buyers, an exculsive eBay seller has also been established.

The EyeFX 3D Adapter connects to the PS2 controller port and enables real 3D game play from off the shelf Sony Playstation 2 video games. While not all games are applicable to playing in 3D, the titles that do work well are excellent and show better 3D quality than a 3D theme park.

A list of tested and rated games is on our web site www.splitfish.com.

The suggested retail price is $49.99 for the complete EyeFX 3D Adapter. While the EyeFX 3D Adapter may not be a mass-market product, it has a very strong and increasing base of users that have discovered playing games in true 3D.

This patented technology was developed by SplitFish and offered only on the Playstation 2 at this time. EyeFX does not need special game versions or custom programming for the PS2 to play games in 3D, its plug-in and play. Approximately 14% of the Sony games have some 3D sections, while 7% of the tested games are spectacular in 3D.

We do intend to port the EyeFX 3D to the Sony Playstation 3 that would feature amazing 3D high def 1080p and LCD / plasma display support.

Statements of Fact ~ When playing Ace Combat in 3D (press R3 for external view) the plane is right off the screen and the combat zone flows into the screen just like looking out a real cockpit window. When playing Time Splitters the gamer sees depth and distance that gives them a distinct targeting advantage over 2D players.

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