Glenda Wong On February 19, 2007 at 7:21 am

One of the annoying things about charging the Playstation 3 SIXAXIS controller is the PS3 needs to be on and even worse is they give you one charging cord. The Nyko Dual Charger AC is a sleek small device designed to charge two Playstation 3 controllers simultaneously via USB. It has a sleek black finish and the finish shares a shocking resemblance to the Playstation 3 unit. You could even think that it is a Sony accessory. It has two USB ports on the front, two 4 foot charge cables and a foldaway power plug.

When you purchase a PS3, you end up with one controller and one charger cable, but when you buy another controller, you will find out that no charger cable is included! Great, how am I supposed to charge this now? When one controller runs out of power, you will have to make your friend sit one foot from the television while playing and charging the controller. What is worse is if both controllers run out of power, now you don’t have a 2nd charger cable, Nyko thought this out and included two USB cables so you can keep two controllers charged and ready anytime.

Moreover, this nifty device costs only $24.99 USB an electricity saver considering powering up a PS3 to charge a controller is waste of electricity. The Nyko Dual Charger AC can also be used to charge USB devices. For instance, you can charge your Xbox 360 controllers, your digital camera, MP3 player and anything that can be charged via USB. In short, it is a multifunctional charger.

The charger is basically a plug that goes directly in the wall. The inconvenience of it is that it takes up an entire cutlet so if you want to use the same cutlet, a power bar is needed. Another little inconveniency is the length of the charge cables, they are too short at 4 feet, so you have 4 feet of slack from the outlet to your device(s) you are charging.

All in all the Nyko Dual Charger AC is great purchase for those who intensively game and charge USB compliant devices regularly.

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