Justin Lee On February 2, 2007 at 7:08 pm

Warioware is one of the most unique games out there in the gaming world; when the first game came out, you had no clue what was going on…but you know it was fun. Who would had thought that 5 second mini games would make you laugh, freak out and even roll on the floor laughing? Warioware Smooth Moves breaks out on the Nintendo Wii and of course makes great use of the Wii controller in ways you can not imagine. You’ll be dropping, smacking and even balancing your Wii remote in all sort of whacky mini games.

You start off the game in Diamond City where you can unlock various funny stories to start your mission of sorts. Simply point and click which story, and off you go into the whacky world of 5 second unique mini games.

Wearing the strap in this game is a must, some of the mini games require you to do things with the Wii remote that will most likely break something or yourself. There are over 14 "forms" of how to hold the Wii remote, ranging from holding it up against your nose to using it as a mohawk. Mini games can be won or lost in a matter of 1 second, you have 4 "lives" but unlimited continues to figure out what you have to do in this 5 second mini-game. After passing the whacky mini-games of the story, you’ll be off to a longer Boss Stage where your Wii remote skills will be tested.

For once there is really no reason to read the manual as it barely passes 4 pages of text. When the game wants you to do a new form it goes into a cut-scene or sorts where mellow sounding announcer reads off a corny but funny poem on how to hold the Wii remote or should I say the "form batton". This method of learning the different way of holding the Wii Remote is very effective because just before every mini game is a photo representation of the "cut-scene" and you’ll be able to swap quickly to all 15 forms.

For those of you who have played Warioware TOUCHED! on the DS, do not worry about "rehashed" mini-games that just simply replace the touchscreen with the remote. Without giving away too much, you’ll be waving your Wii Remote like a pro with highly polished and well thought out new and updated original mini games.

Of course you would love to hear about what type of mini-games you can expect, let’s do it in the Warioware fashion, in under 5 seconds!

– Bounce that tennis ball!
– Pick that nose!
– Land Zelda safely!
– Make Mario jump and collect 2 coins!
– Knock out Glass Joe!

Just reading the above random sampling shows how fast paced and extremely high strung game Warioware Smooth Moves is. The boss stages last way longer than 5 seconds and if you are a Nintendo gamer, you will appreciate some of the stages…there is even a Starfox stage where you will relive your Nintendo 64 boss stage!

Each stage has a story, it is played out in a real kiddie cartoon like fashion, while this might not appeal to you if you are an adult, at least most of them are funny enough not to be corny. The graphics are well done enough, but is not earth shattering.

New comers may have some problems with the insane amount movement that the game requires. It might be a good idea for "newbies" to try out the single player game and listen to the "form batton" instructions before heading into a multiplayer match. Speaking of multiplayer matches, it’s locked…yes locked until you finish most of the game. Another strange thing that Nintendo should had put more thought into was the fact that the multiplayer mode only uses ONE Wii Remote, this is just asking for personal injury or damage to your surroundings since you do not have time to put on the security strap. Even if you own 4 Wii Remotes, the game FORCES you to pass off the 1st player remote to the 2nd player, then the 3rd player…; this is just asking for a smashed lamp in your game room if you are playing with 12 people who are waving the Wii Mote around.

Another problem is some of the stages you just really don’t understand what they are asking you to do, this is quite frustrating and may even force you online to seek out the solution to the mini game. It is also very important to be pointed straight at your TV or else you’ll end up spending 4 out of the 5 seconds of the stage re-aiming your Wii Remote and finding the cursor on screen.

After unlocking the various stages, you’ll enjoy some mini games that can be played over and over again. Most of the games are based on a boss stage that you had previously played, such as Ping Pong or stacking blocks on a waiter plate. You even can play some new mini games where you must attach your Nunchuck controller!

All in all, Warioware Smooth Moves is slightly short but extremely fun game to own for your Nintendo Wii. With the very unique mini-games, really catchy goofy music and wild variety mini game design. It will provide quite a bit of fun at a party. For example, everyone can just watch all the goofy games and crazy motions of the players will be performing. I just wish the multiplayer mode was not so dangerous because it forces you to use one Wii Remote.


Fast paced party game with very unique mini-games to excite your Wii Remote.


Gets the job done for the mini games, the cut scenes are well drawn.


Get that catch tune out of my head!!! Good sound effects around out an already great game.


A little short, but it is quite a blast to play Warioware Smooth Moves. Kind of annoying that you have to unlock the “dangerous” multiplayer mode.

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