Justin Lee On March 1, 2007 at 7:30 am

Codemasters has released a cool new trailer for the upcoming air combat game Heatseeker. This time they send over a Nintendo Wii trailer for the game, so click VIDEOS above to download it.

Codemasters today announced that Heatseeker, the videogame company’s highly anticipated, supercharged, blackout-inducing flight combat game is set to give players unprecedented control over the military’s finest aircraft thanks to the innovative Wii Remote and Nunchuk controllers. Additionally, Codemasters released the official Wii trailer for Heatseeker today, which is available for download now at www.codemasters.com/heatseeker.

It’s all about fine-tuned controls when flying faster than the speed of sound, especially when a millimeter can make all the difference between winning the battle or being vaporized by a ton of heat-seeking explosives. Heatseeker’s unique and innovative use of the Wii Remote and Nunchuk means that players have complete command over their turbo charged arsenal. Using one of two available control methods, fighter jets and missiles respond instantly to help you make that 10-inch maneuver to prevent an enemy warhead from shredding apart your F-15 Eagle.

“It’s vital that your plane reacts instantly to your control inputs,” says Andrew Wensley, Senior Producer for Heatseeker at Codemasters. “Even a hundredth of a second delay can prove fatal in air to air combat, and although we’ve provided the perfect control system, only the player can provide the nerves of steel necessary for victory.”

“Heatseeker for the Wii is a big step forward for action gamers,” states Ben Palmer, Executive Producer for Heatseeker developer IR Gurus. “We’ve taken the superior processing power of the Wii and have used it to raise the bar even higher for Heatseeker’s distinctive and already spectacular gameplay and visual style.”

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