Justin Lee On March 21, 2007 at 12:53 pm

Microsoft sends over two screenshots and some neat facts about Tenchu Z for the Xbox 360. Not only can you customize your ninja in the game, Microsoft has revealed a ninja power-up called Impersonation where you can take the likeness of a killed enemy.

True ninjas conceal their identity.

Believe it or not, dressing from head to toe in black is not the best way to stay inconspicuous, especially during the daytime. True ninjas do not just blend into the darkness, but also stay hidden in plain sight by disguising themselves as a variety of common folk. Ranging from Zen monks or farmers to merchants or street performers, ninjas may choose to be a mountain hermit one day or become their sworn enemy’s guard on another.

In the upcoming Xbox 360 exclusive "Tenchu Z," you can customize your ninja’s appearance. Choose to change facial features, hairstyle, tattoos, head accessories, tunics, pants, arm accessories, footwear, weapon sheathes and more. As you complete more missions, more articles of clothing may become available for purchase. The key element of disguise, however, is a special ninja power-up called "Impersonation," which allows you to steal the identity of your victim temporarily in order to better evade detection and blend into the environment.

Are you master of your disguise?

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