Malcolm Owen On April 4, 2007 at 4:30 am

Are you an Indie? Do you make games? Do you make games that could be described as an MMO? Not going to the Indie MMO Game Developer’s Conference? Don’t worry, you can watch most of it from your own desk instead…

The 2007 Indie MMO Game Developers Conference (IMGDC) will offer any registered attendee free access to videos of every session class, round-table and keynote at the IMGDC website
Now Indie developers who can not afford to travel to the conference can have the conference travel to them.

Simply by registering for the event, anyone can gain full access to the conference without leaving the comfort of their homes or offices. IMGDC founder Jonathon Stevens says “I received many emails from people who couldn’t decide which classes to attend. With the lineup of speakers and topics, it truly is a hard decision to make. This sparked the idea of filming the entire event and offering it online for those who can or can not attend.” Jonathon also noted “We realize that even though the cost to attend IMGDC is very low compared to other conferences, traveling to Minnesota may not be. So we decided to give full access to anyone who is a registered attendee even if they can’t make the actual event.”

IMGDC, to be held on April 14th and 15th will be an informative, educational, and fun gathering of independent game developers from around the world who want to focus on MMO technologies. IMGDC is designed to be an informal venue of Indie and hobbyist developers with the shared goal to focus on design, development and production of Indie MMOs/Virtual Worlds. IMGDC will have sessions ranging from game design to legal issues facing Indie developers. IMGDC will also feature team building "elevator pitch" sessions which are meant for developers to pitch their projects or their talents to other developers. This provides an excellent opportunity for team building and networking.

IMGDC provides content, community and contacts for artists, designers, programmers, and Indie entrepreneurs. If you’ve caught the incurable desire to make MMO games commercially, or even as a hobbyist, this is a community gathering of talented individuals you will not want to miss. For the latest news and information, including registration, please visit the official IMGDC website at

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