Justin Lee On April 5, 2007 at 11:08 am

Microsoft sends over two new Tenchu Z invisibility screenshots. A nifty fact is the more stealth kills you perform, the higher your bounty award will be, so being super stealthy helps in the missions.

Long ago, true ninjas won battles by guarding their secrets, skills and identities, understanding that remaining indistinct and private would throw the enemy off. The less apparent ninjas’ intentions and strategies were to people, the more they were feared for their enigmatic and unpredictable presence. Eventually, their inherent secretiveness elevated them to the status of unspeakable monster spirits and ominous supernatural beings. Peasants and emperors alike feared their “invisible” presence, making them one of the most formidable assassins to stalk in the shadows of history.

To this day a cloud of mysteriousness still surrounds ninjas, leading people to believe that they can fly, walk on water or become invisible. In the Xbox 360 exclusive “Tenchu Z,” you will have the ability to become invisible and infiltrate dangerous territories undetected while eliminating unsuspecting enemies. Judge your situation by utilizing the stealth level bar to find out how easy you are to spot by the enemy. The more stealth kills you can execute, the higher your bounty award will be after completing missions.

Can you master the ancient art of stealth?

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