Malcolm Owen On April 4, 2007 at 4:34 am

Yes, it’s a mousemat. No, it’s not coated. Yes, you will feel everything under your mouse. No, I do not know if that is a good thing or not.

QPAD, the gaming gear company famed for its trend-setting mouse pads, is launching a new uncoated surface mouse pad that gives gamers and other users total control of their mouse’s movements.

Called the QPAD UC for uncoated, the new mouse pad is designed for users who want to feel the glide and resistance of the mouse as it glides over the mouse pad. This mouse pad is the latest in a wide portfolio of QPAD products.

“The QPAD UC is great for gamers and others who want to do the work,” says Christer Körnbäck, aka MrMouse, president of QPAD. “In the thrust and parry of a game, you can really dig in and feel the sensation of resistance and control over the mouse pad. It gives you a sense of mastery.”

The QPAD UC is composed of a three-millimeter thick soft yet resistant surface. Portable and robust, users can roll it up, stick it in their pocket and slap it down on the table for the next game.

Based on QPAD’s leadership in developing world-class performance-enhancing cloth pads, UC also features the unique winged-shape design for a bigger sweet spot and greater maneuverability.

Rec price excl. tax 14 euro
Dimensions: 420 x 306 x 3mm

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