Justin Lee On June 15, 2007 at 7:20 am

Microsoft and Square Enix send word that the amazing space shooter Project Sylpheed demo has hit the Microsoft Xbox LIVE Marketplace is ready to be downloaded for free. The demo includes a full tutorial and one complete sample mission for you to blast your brains out with, they even sent along some new screenshots and video trailer for you to watch (click the menu up top to see the screenshots and video).

The Terra Central Government (TCG) is on the brink of chaos and only you and Katana Faraway can save the world in Game Arts’ and Square Enix’s space combat game Project Sylpheed. The evil ADAN alliance will stop at nothing, so you must take command. Get a taste for the galactic dogfights in the game by trying a free demo, available on Xbox LIVE Marketplace.

Strap in and power up, intergalactic pilots! Take control of the weapons arsenal and battle with ADAN starfighters and battleships in the demo, which includes a tutorial and a complete sample mission. Space combat has never been so intense. Based on the original classic Silpheed title, Project Sylpheed has evolved into a next-gen space combat game with a deep, immersive storyline.

The enemy is well-trained, well-equipped, and highly motivated. The future of the Earth’s solar system and the human race are dependent on Project Sylpheed enlistment. Find out more at the game’s official site and visit Xbox LIVE Marketplace now to download the demo.

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