Justin Lee On July 3, 2007 at 12:52 pm

Ouch, that has got to hurt. The Nintendo Wii outsold the Sony Playstation 3 six to one in Japan during the month of June. The Wii sold 270,974 consoles while the PS3 sold 41,628 and last was Microsoft with 17,616. Strange that the article decides to pick on the PS3 when it was second place.

Nintendo sold 270,974 Wii consoles last month while Sony sold 41,628 PS3s, according to Enterbrain, a Japanese publisher that tracks console sales.

Nintendo has sold about 2.76m Wii consoles in Japan since the launch last December, while Sony has sold 970,270 PS3s since it debuted last November.

Read the rest on BBC.co.uk

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