Justin Lee On November 8, 2007 at 9:40 am

Ignition Entertainment sends some new screenshots and information about Bubble Bobble Double Shot for the DS. The game is due out in 1st Quarter 2008.

All was quiet in the Rainbow Islands, so Bub and Bob went to visit their cousin Bubu. With nothing to do, they decided to explore their grandfather’s house. There, the trio finds a secret and mysterious treasure map. Taking directions from the map,

Bub, Bob and Bubu set off on a perilous quest to find out what the treasure is! As Bub, Bob and Bubu go on their quest they run into enemies along the way and have to capture and knock out all of the enemies wandering around the stage. How? By capturing the enemies in bubbles and then bursting them. Below is a look at how some of the different bubbles in Bubble Bobble Double Shot work!

Star Bubbles

Star bubbles appear around the levels of Bubble Bobble Double Shot. They have magical powers that our heroes can use to gain the advantage! If you burst a Star bubble normally, it will cause all of the bubbles currently in play to burst – even those with trapped enemies inside! You can add a color to the Star bubble simply by blowing another bubble at it. When this newly colored bubble is burst all Color enemies will change to the selected color! This will make it easier to get rid of them all without having to change your character.

Elemental Bubbles:

Elemental bubbles have special effects when you burst them. They’re usually a lot of help when it comes to dealing with enemies and leave behind high-value bonus items! Elemental bubbles are made up of water, fire and thunder and create a lot of havoc for the enemies!

Extend Bubbles

The EXTEND bubbles are very mysterious, but collecting all the letters will grant you an extra life! To make EXTEND letters, a Star bubble must have two colors added to it. This is done by blowing a bubble at it, changing character and then blowing another bubble to change the color of the Star bubble twice. Different combinations of colors result in different letters. Experiment to find out which ones produce which letters!

Jumping with bubbles:

Any bubble can be used as a platform. Simply press the B Button to jump towards a balloon and keep the button held down. If you land on top of a bubble, you will keep bouncing on it until either you release the B Button or the bubble bursts.

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