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Valve sends word that The Orange Box has won over 100 first place awards. Talk about running out of shelf space to place all these awards.

The 2007 award season is coming to a close and The Orange Box – the unique multiplatform, multi-game offering from Valve, creators of Half-Life® 2 and Counter-Strike® – has racked up over 100 first place awards, comprised of more than 50 Game of the Year honors plus over 50 craft awards for special achievements in gaming.

Given the unique nature of The Orange Box, which introduces three games in one box, this award tally includes honors for the compilation as well as the individual titles, with PortalTM leading the charge in all categories.

"While some have called it the best value in video game history, Valve took a chance with the product mix in The Orange Box, the game design of Portal, and the art style of Team Fortress 2," said Gabe Newell, president of Valve. "After earning the top review scores of all time on two platforms, becoming a best seller on multiple platforms, and accumulating over 100 awards, that risk has been rewarded by gamers and game critics around the world. We look forward to following up on the success of The Orange Box later this year with the launch of Left 4 Dead on PC and Xbox 360."

The Orange Box was originally released for the PC and Xbox 360 in October and was met with tremendous commercial and critical success, capturing the top spot as the highest scoring PC (tying Half-Life and Half-Life 2) and 360 title of all time, while capturing the number one spot on sales charts worldwide. The award-winning and ground-breaking offering was also introduced for the Playstation 3 in December of 2007.

Available for the PC, Xbox 360, the Playstation 3 at retail outlets everywhere, The Orange Box includes Half-Life® 2: Episode Two, the second installment in the Half-Life 2 episodic trilogy; Team Fortress® 2, the sequel to the game that put class-based, multiplayer team warfare on the map; and Portal, the game that blends puzzles, first person action, and adventure gaming to produce an experience like no other.

To bring gamers up to date with the Half-Life 2 universe, The Orange Box also includes Half-Life 2 and Half-Life 2: Episode One.

Called the best deal in video game history by several publications, The Orange Box has a suggested retail price of $49.95 on the PC and $59.95 on the Xbox 360.

For more information about The Orange Box, please visit www.steamgames.com.
To view a full list of the awards, please visit http://orange.half-life2.com/Awards.html

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