Justin Lee On April 2, 2008 at 1:41 pm

Sierra Online sends word that Battlestar Galactica on the Xbox Live Arcade will be half price between on April 5th only. Be sure to also check out our review of the game that we did.

Those toasters, I mean Cylons are at it again with a mass invasion!

This time they’re taking over Xbox LIVE Arcade at an all new low price.

Saturday, April 5th in conjunction with the start of the new Battlestar Galactica television season on Friday April 4th; Sierra Online’s Battlestar GalacticaTM game for Xbox LIVE Arcade will be half-price at 400 Microsoft points for an exclusive 24 hour period.

Battlestar Galactica features both single and multiplayer modes and allows players to take part in intense space battles as a pilot for either the humans or Cylon forces. Legendary ships from the hit-television show are featured as well as missions based on favorite episodes. Battlestar Galactica is rated E 10+.

Please alert your readers! For more information about the Battlestar Galactica videogame, please visit the official web site at www.BSGarcade.com.

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