Justin Lee On April 16, 2008 at 6:44 pm

High on the heels of the free version of the game, a new retail version of Trackmania United Forever has been released today for just $39.95. In addition to being compatible online with the free version, it has tons of bonus features not found in the free version.

If you own Trackmania United, guess what, you can upgrade for FREE, there is no need to buy the whole game.

TrackMania Nations Forever, the sequel to the popular online racing title, is available now for free via Steam, a leading online platform for PC games with over 15 million accounts worldwide. In addition the new retail version of Trackmania, Trackmania United Forever, also launches today on Steam for just $39.95 to customers worldwide.

TrackMania Nations Forever offers a new version of the Stadium environment, a complete solo mode, and 65 new tracks. TrackMania Nations Forever promises to unite an even larger number of players than its very successful predecessor thanks to engaging new multiplayer modes, online functions, and — for the first time – allowing players of the free versions to play online with players from the retail version of TrackMania United. Players of the TrackMania United retail version also gain a brilliant free extension named "United Forever." In addition to being compatible with Nations Forever, this extension offers many bonuses – including tracks that have never been seen before, new design blocks for the game environments, and a spectacular graphics update for the three historic environments. For more information, please visit www.steamgames.com

Some of the features in the retail version of Trackmania United Forever:

* 4 single player modes (Race, Platform, Stunt and Puzzle) on 265 spectacular progressively challenging tracks.

* 7 types of vehicles offering different gameplay and driving experiences in 7 TrackMania environments – of which one, Stadium, is compatible with the free game, TrackMania Nations Forever

* Solo and team based multiplayer modes. Join millions of players online on the TrackMania servers.

* A spectacular graphics update for the three historic environments (Desert, Snow and Rally.

* Integrated peer-to-peer sharing system to showcase all of your customizations with your opponents (modified vehicles, avatar…).

* Earn "Coppers", the virtual currency of TrackMania players, by winning medals in solo mode or by trading your TrackMania creations with other players (cars, skins, tracks, videos…)

* Official rankings in solo and multiplayer. In solo play, along with earning medals for great racing, you can participate in official rankings by recording your best times on the game’s tracks.

* Create your own tracks, vehicles and videos with the TrackMania editors, paint shop and movie studio!

* Continue with all your data from TrackMania Nations Forever, including medals, ladder positions, scores, and friends.

People who did not buy Trackmania United from Steam can get the free upgrade from here:

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