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It is the time of year where many publishers and game developers gather somewhere in the USA to tell the world of the impending gaming apocalypse. Yes, E3 2008 has arrived, and as usual we and has a ton of updates from the show floor…

Videos from Posted so far:

E3 2008 Day 0
Microsoft Press Conference

E3 2008 Day 1:
Nintendo Wii Sports Resort, Animal Crossing City Folk and much more – On Camera Demo
Tecmo Bowl Kick Off – DS
SPRay – Wii
Mercenaries 2 World in Flames – PS2, PS3, PC, Xbox 360 – On Camera Demo
Dead Space – PS3, Windows PC, Xbox 360 – On Camera Demo
Mirror’s Edge – PC, PS3, Xbox 360
Cooking Mama World Kitchen – Wii – On Camera Demo
Major Minor’s Majestic March – Wii – On Camera Demo
Our House – Wii – Hands on Demo
STALKER Clear Sky – 15 minute on Camera Demo

E3 2008 Day 2:
Smash Court Tennis 3 – On Camera Demo
TNA Impact! – Interview
Mortal Kombat Versus DC Universe – Interview
Wheelman – Interview
This is Vegas – Interview
Command & Conquer Red Alert 3 – On Camera Demo
Madden NFL 09 – On Camera Demo
Skate It – On Camera Demo
Naruto Clash of Ninja Revolution 2 – On Camera Demo
Fallout 3 – Interview
Far Cry 2 – Interview
Shaun White Snowboarding – On Camera Demo / Interview
Prince of Persia – Interview
Left 4 Dead – On Camera Demo / Interview
Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix – On Camera Demo / Interview

E3 2008 Day 3:
Resistance 2 – Interview
Killzone 2 – On Camera Demo / Interview
Motor Storm Pacific Rift – Interview
Little Big Planet – On Camera Demo / Interview
SOCOM US Navy SEALs – On Camera Demo / Interview
Buzz! Quiz TV – On Camera Demo / Interview
Free Realms – On Camera Demo / Interview
The Agency – On Camera Demo / Interview
Soul Calibur IV – On Camera Demo / Interview
Afro Samurai – On Camera Demo / Interview
Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm – On Camera Demo / Interview
We Cheer – REALLY BRAVE On Camera / Interview
Defendin De Penguin – On Camera Demo / Interview
King of Clubs Mini Golf – On Camera Demo / Interview
PBR Out of the Chute – On Camera Demo / Interview

News from E3:

Apogee Returns
King of Clubs Wii Fact Sheet
PBR Out of the Chute E3 Fact Sheet
Rhianna Pratchett Writing On Edge of Mirror. Or Something Like That
Harvest Moon: Island of Happiness Fact Sheet
Harvest Moon: Tree of Tranquility Fact Sheet
Hi! Hamtaro Ham-Ham Challenge Release
Princess Debut Press Release
Rune Factory 2: A Fantasy Harvest Moon Fact Press Release Sheet
Touchmaster 2 E3 Press Release
This Is Vegas E3 Press Release
The Wheelman E3 Press Release
Blitz: The League II E3 Press Release
Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe E3 Press Release
Rock Band 2 Press Release Madness

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