Malcolm Owen On July 16, 2008 at 4:37 pm

Insert joke about E3 press releases and Prince here.

Rising Star Games today releases new gameplay footage of the highly anticipated Nintendo Wii™ exclusive Little King’s Story. Coinciding with the title being showcased at E3 by Rising Star Games’ parent company and developer Marvelous Entertainment, and XSEED Games (the product’s North American publisher), the new trailer highlights more of the quirky imagery and gameplay which has garnered much interest since its announcement earlier in the year.

Little King’s Story has an art style which is very ‘story-book’ in look and has a magical fairy tale quality which will intrigue and delight gamers. The storyline, visual imagery and lyrical music of the game work in concert to transport players to an interactive, enchanting fairytale world. By combining gameplay elements from life-simulation, real-time strategy and adventure genres, the many aspects of creating a vast kingdom come to life. As the King, players will manage and involve their townspeople in the goals of creating this new territory. He will enlist them to dig for treasure, build new buildings and otherwise better their community. Of course leadership is a two-way street, so as the King, players must try to conquer rival nations to create a single, unified kingdom whilst also granting the requests of townspeople as he sees fit. The game transforms the Wii Remote™ into a royal scepter and offers players the chance to be the best king in the world!

Little King’s Story is scheduled for release in Q1 2009 throughout Europe and the rest of the PAL territory.

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