Malcolm Owen On July 15, 2008 at 4:32 pm

OMG Card Games… Here is an E3 Fact Sheet for UNO Rush.

Title: “UNO RUSH™”

Publisher: Microsoft

Developer: Microsoft

Format: Xbox LIVE® Arcade for the Xbox 360™ video game system

ESRB Rating: TBD

Availability: 2008

Product Overview:

UNO RUSH™ is a challenging and exciting party card game for up to four players. Developed by the same Microsoft team that brought the original, best-selling UNO® to Xbox LIVE® Arcade, UNO RUSH™ boasts exciting gameplay and social features – multiple variants, house-rule options, local and Xbox LIVE multiplay, camera support, avatar support, full XSAM (LIVE Party Chat) support and more – plus fast-placed gameplay to keep the party going! Sort your cards whenever you have a second to think, because they’re played automatically on your turn. Think fast, keep an eye on your opponents’ cards, predict the flow of play, and above all, don’t forget to call UNO!


“UNO RUSH” features include the following:

  • Full Avatar support
  • Full XSAM (LIVE Party Chat) support
  • Couch play for the whole family – Up to 4 players per console
  • Full guest support for multiple users per console over Xbox LIVE
  • Xbox LIVE Vision support
  • Big Button Pad support
  • Co-op Play for teams of two
  • Achievements

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