Justin Lee On October 29, 2008 at 12:30 pm

Who ever thought a good looking FPS game could run so well on the Nintendo DS, well No Way Studios has released the first multiplayer gameplay video from C.O.R.E. for you to check out.  Click VIDEOS above to download the video, streaming version coming soon.

No Way Studios, is pleased to announce the unveiling of a new video, showcasing the multiplayer game-play for their game C.O.R.E. a thrilling action-packed first-person shooter for Nintendo DS.  C.O.R.E. represents 11 months of pushing the limits of the Nintendo DS to realize their vision of bringing a high quality “classic” FPS to the handheld gaming platform.

C.O.R.E. provides a compelling blend of fluid 3D animations, outstanding visual effects and a highly interactive environment that draws the player into the dark and immersive environment.

In A.D. 2028 – a massive meteor slammed into California’s Mojave Desert.  Leading scientists were quickly dispatched to examine the extraterrestrial radiation that was transforming the environment and all life in the area. For twenty years many experiments were carried out at C.O.R.E., the TOP-SECRET underground facility built on the site . . . that is until the day when all communications with the lab abruptly ceased.   You are Jason Crane, a member of an elite military unite assigned to penetrate C.O.R.E. You must use all your skills to unravel the mystery hidden deep within C.O.R.E . . . and to survive.

Game Features:

* Liquid smooth graphics and advanced A.I.
* Penetrate 15 huge non-linear levels in a diverse and dangerous environment.
* Face 20 formidable enemy classes equipped with a deadly arsenal of weapons.
* Choose from eight powerful weapons (including alternate firing options and zoom).
* Compete with up to four players in MULTIPLAYER in three popular modes including Death Match, Team Arena and Capture the Flag  – Using only one NDS card!
* Highly interactive environments: use vehicles, operate tools, switches, controllers, access cards, open boxes and blow up objects.
* Immersive dark atmosphere intensified by heavy music and special effects.


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