Justin Lee On October 23, 2008 at 7:16 am

Microsoft and Lionhead Studios has announced that Fable II has been released in store shelves today in North America.  This long awaited game includes a cool Xbox LIVE multiplayer mode and even comes in a special limited edition version with tons of goodies.

The time has come for you to test your moral boundaries and embark on a voyage that will either leave you heralded or condemned throughout the world of Albion. “Fable II” has completed its long awaited journey with standard and limited collector’s editions landing on retail shelves throughout North America today. Developed by Lionhead Studios exclusively for Xbox 360, “Fable II” combines thrilling action, heart-wrenching emotional experiences and a genre-bending Xbox LIVE multiplayer mode, making it the must-have blockbuster for 2008. The standard edition “Fable II” will have an estimated retail price of $59.99 and the Limited Collector’s Edition will retail for an estimated price of $69.99. “Fable II” is rated “M” for Mature.

This sequel to the smash hit “Fable,” offers an infinite amount of choice in an open world environment, allowing gamers to become the most revered of all heroes or reviled of all villains, all with a loving dog companion at their side. “Fable II” immerses players in the expansive world of Albion, and offers an accessible combat system, making the game approachable to both casual and hardcore gamers. 

For the fans who took advantage of the Xbox LIVE Arcade pub-games and started earning money to spend in the game prior to today, feel free to squander gold on weapons, armor, potions, dog tricks and more! For music fans, Microsoft Game Studios has created the Fable album for free download for a limited time. This includes a wonderful selection of “Fable I” music and three brand new tracks from the upcoming “Fable II” soundtrack. Visit http://www.sumthingdigital.com,and click on the Fable Collection album art.

The Limited Collector’s features:
–    “Fable II” game disc
–    Bonus DVD with new “Making-of” Feature
–    Bonus in-game content (requires Xbox LIVE®)
•    “The Hall of the Dead” Dungeon
•    “The Wreckager” Legendary Cutlass Weapon
•    Spartan armour and energy sword

Please visit: http://www.xbox.com/en-CA/games/splash/f/fable2/ or www.lionhead.com/fable2 for more information.

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