Justin Lee On November 12, 2008 at 12:53 pm

Get your Xbox 360 consoles ready for Wednesday November 19th, the New Xbox Experience is expected to launch and will update your Xbox 360 automatically.  If you own an Arcade version of the Xbox 360, there is a nifty upgrade program you should check out.

On Wednesday November 19, 2008, a consumer electronic device will be completely transformed solely through software for the first time. The New Xbox Experience will transform existing Xbox 360 video game consoles through a free automatic software download. The new software will completely change what consumers see on the TV when they turn on their Xbox, how they interact with all their gaming and entertainment content, as well as adding new features and new ways to socialize online. The New Xbox Experience will connect Canadians to their friends and to more games and entertainment online than any other device connected to their TV.

Get a glimpse of what the New Xbox Experience is all about on Wednesday, November 19, 2008:

•Entertainment without limits. Xbox 360 invites you into a limitless world where the best games and movies live side by side with your personal pictures and music library, and ready to share your fun anytime with friends across the globe through Xbox LIVE

•Xbox LIVE Party. Xbox 360 allows you to create a virtual party on your TV with up to seven friends. With LIVE Party, voice chat while you play games, share photos in real time and entertain friends all over the world.

•Personality plus. Create a customizable, animated avatar and literally jump into the world of Xbox LIVE. Your avatar is your game-face throughout the New Xbox Experience and represents your personality whether you are a LIVE Party host or chatting with a friend. With custom avatars created by the more than 14 million members worldwide, Xbox LIVE will have as many avatars as Tokyo has residents.

•On-demand entertainment. Xbox 360 is home to great movie entertainment with a large online library of on-demand high-definition movies from partners such as Disney and Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.

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