Kevin Lee II On March 26, 2009 at 10:43 am

You sit down at a bar, it’s like a ghost town. The jukebox is playing a song that you hate. You go over to it and switch on the best of Michael Jackson. As you are jamming to the beats of the song you wonder, where the hell is a trivia machine when you need one! Then you think to yourself, I have my Playstation Portable in my pocket and a copy of Buzz! Master Quiz; your night is saved! Sony has finally created your favorite new friend (or enemy) from the Playstation 2 and Playstation 3 consoles for your PSP. It is time to test yourself against yourself, against a friend, or some random crazy person you pair up with online. All questions are unprejudiced, so test your luck (or mad skills) and see who is the smartest person ever (definitely more than a fifth grader) all on your PSP.

When you startup Buzz! You have two different options to choose: Either Solo mode or Multiplayer mode. Solo mode is just you answering questions against the timer. If you pick Multiplayer mode you can either pass the PSP around and play against your friends, or you can even play online against any random person who might be looking for online to prove how much smarter than you they are. When you’re playing multiplayer with friends, you just pass the PSP to the next person playing for their question and Buzz will keep score for you. Online sounds like a great idea if people actually used it. It never even found anyone else when trying at different times of the day. No one plays this game online, or Sony just botched up the network code somehow.

In both Solo and Multiplayer modes, there are three different categories to play under. Quick Fire Movie Challenge, Snapshot, and Top Rank Challenge. In a round of Quick Fire Movie Challenge, there are fifteen questions. The game shows movie clip and then you are asked questions ranging from simple to difficult. You will be awarded with a bronze, silver, or gold ranking depending on how many points you get. In Snapshot mode you have to answer as many questions as you can during a set amount of time unveiling panels to a picture. You can guess what the picture is or move on to the next trivia question. You will be awarded with a bronze, silver, or gold ranking depending on how many points you get after your time has expired. You receive bonus points for guessing what the picture is.

Top Rank Challenge is where you have to rank in order any number of things. You have eight questions that you have to rank to once again try and achieve the ranking of bronze, silver, or gold.

With the portable version of Buzz you will get exactly what you received with the other console versions with the graphics and sounds. Buzz looks the same and He still has his over animated body gestures that look great. The pictures with the snapshot mode are awesome and the movie clips look flawless.

Buzz! Master Quiz sounds great in all its glory. The background music is pretty catchy. The sound from the movie clips sounds like it was straight off the DVD. The questions are easy to hear combined with the background music that sometimes adds suspense to the trivia game.

Buzz! Master Quiz is a must have for you to play anytime or anywhere if you are a trivia buff. The only letdown of this game is the lack of people playing online. But I guess playing trivia by yourself can be fun some of the time. The portable version of Buzz! Doesn’t have as much options as its big brothers on the consoles, but it does have a wide range of questions that will keep you playing for a while. Sony really put their time into bringing the great trivia experience from your living room to your pocket.


Not as much options as the console versions, but still great trivia fun.


Everything looks great from the pictures, Buzz, and the video clips.


Music is pretty good, adds suspense during some questions and the questions are flawless. Movie clip audio is superb too.


Sony really put their time into bringing the great trivia experience from your living room to your pocket. The only downfall is the advertised online play doesn’t work (or just no one plays it!)

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