Malcolm Owen On June 19, 2010 at 1:37 pm

PixelJunk Racers 2nd Lap Fact Sheet
Short Version: Another chance to play the slot-car racing game by Q-Games. There’s now trophy support and ghosts, among other additions.

Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment America LLC. (SCEA)
Developer: Q-Games Ltd.
Platform: PlayStation®3 (PS3TM) via PlayStation®Network
Genre: Puzzle/Racing
Release: Summer 2010
Rating: “RP” for Rating Pending

Motoring onto the PlayStation®3 (PS3TM) system this summer is PixelJunkTM Racers 2nd Lap – an enhanced re-release of Q-Games’ original slot-car racing hit PixelJunkTM Racers. Kyoto-based developer Q-Games has amped up the original addictive slot car racing game, now offering trophies, a new Ghost Attack mode and a more accessible single-player tournament mode.

Much like its predecessor, PixelJunkTM Racers 2nd Lap will support 1080p and will feature both single and multiplayer fun (up to seven players simultaneously offline), intuitive controls, and the ability to post your scores online to compare how you did with other players around the world.

TROPHIES – To reward players for their high-scoring laps, PixelJunkTM Racers 2nd Lap will offer 15 new trophies for players to chase!
GHOST RACER – Players can race against ghosts from their friends list, staff ghosts, or top scorers around the world, using data uploaded by players Score Attack or Ghost Racer modes. Players can compare their performance while racing the ghost of another player who has completed the same course.
UPGRADED SINGLE-PLAYER TOURNAMENT – Earning higher cups will now be easier as players can now earn the maximum cup of each tournament instead of the minimum cup.
UNLIMITED RACING ACTION – Over 15 core racing modes with varying degrees of difficulty for over 30 modes, including an in-depth single-player tournament and offline multiplayer modes.
FULL HD at 1080p – Speed through 10 richly detailed courses.
RUMBLE SUPPORT – DualShock vibration functionality has been added to all rounds for the full effect of the game.
GLOBAL ONLINE RANKING – Plan for your personal best in Score Attack and see how you compare against other racers around the world.

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