Justin Lee On July 16, 2010 at 11:54 am

While we normally don’t post random youtube links on Gametactics, this one caught our eye which claims that you can get an old lady to give you one heck of an earful and then she instantly kills you. The video claims it is from the PlayStation 3 version and is in the Underpass level.

There is only one comment that says say they managed to get it to work. We are pretty much calling this a faked video, pretty well done though.


Edit from Malcolm Owen: I don’t think this is a real bug. A quick search on Youtube turns up empty except for this video, the old lady that appears in-game shares her accent with the video makers, we can’t quite see whom gets the claim for the kill, and the video ends with a promotional URL featuring the word “film”. I have serious doubts that this is real…

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3 Responses

  1. mucus1980 says:

    this is soooo not fake lol
    It took me ages to find out. me and my friend have many other easter eggs to post. ull see
    keep tryin

  2. Justin Lee says:

    It’s totally faked, even the creator of the video updated his youtube page to link to an article calling it fake.